Diving courses to become an Advanced Diver in Lanzarote

Taking a diving course is one of the best investments that can be made. Once the course is completed and the certification is obtained, it allows the possibility of diving anywhere in the world. Becoming a certified diver empowers you to dive when and where you want to, but of course, never alone.

At Rubicon Diving we offer the full range of Scuba Schools International (SSI) diving courses.

Our team is made up of several highly trained SSI Instructors, as well as two SSI Instructor Trainers, which means that our center always offers the best conditions in terms of training and safety standards. For more information about SSI and how to become a certified diver, click on the tab below.

For many divers, the Open Water Diver course is just the beginning of their training path. As an Open Water Diver, the depth limit is 18 meters. Being an Open Water Diver offers a wide variety of possible dives and experiences, but the Advanced Adventurer and Advanced Open Water Diver courses offer much more.

One of the most remarkable aspects of SSI courses is the wide variety of specialties that it  has to offer. They offer training for new skills, adventure and awareness of the environment at the same time. Whatever your preferences, SSI has specialties to suit them.

For those divers already certified by other organizations, there is the possibility of a crossover to SSI and continuing your training with SSI.

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