For those who want to become technical divers or progress in their Extended Range career

In addition to its reputation as the premier recreational dive centre on the island of Lanzarote, Rubicon Diving is recognised as one of the leading technical diving training centres in Europe with courses accredited by two of the world’s leading technical dive training agencies IANTD, TDI and SSI. If you are interested in becoming a technical diver or technical dive instructor, Rubicon Diving offers unparalleled facilities and training programmes that teach you to dive safely beyond recreational scuba diving limits.

We offer technical dive courses covering open circuit, sidemount and closed circuit rebreather diving. At Rubicon Diving we have two instructor trainers on site so you can also train to become a technical dive instructor. For more information on the type of technical dive training that you are interested in, click on the relevant tab below.

Technical diving, all you need to know

With our technical diving courses, you’ll be able to take your abilities to the next level and become a true expert. You’ll be able to improve and learn new diving techniques that will allow you to have more freedom and independence in your diving. 

The main difference between technical and recreational diving is the planning. Since technical diving involves deeper and longer dives, it is necessary to use more gas, mixed differently. For a successful and enjoyable dive, you will need to be able to plan in advance the gas mixture and decompression time, as well as the depth and time you will be diving.

Technical diving courses: choose yours

Being able to dive in open circuit is one of the most requested courses among those interested in technical diving, but there are other courses that will provide you with very useful skills on the way to becoming an expert. Some of these are the sidemount course or the rebreather course, two different techniques that will allow you to learn new ways of diving. 

All of our courses have SSI official certification, if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’ll help you in any way that we can, we are waiting for you!

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