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Official SSI Course


Duration: 2 days


Certified Instructors

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Level: Specialty

Possibly the most important specialty of all. The SSI Diver Stress & Rescue specialty will teach you how to react in possible dangerous situations, as well as the safety fundamentals on whether you or your dive buddy are at risk. Statistically, in the majority of underwater accidents that occur, the main problem presented is due to the lack of knowledge or training that the diver has.

Proper prior preparation and knowledge of security protocols helps prevent potential problems.

SSI's Diver Stress & Rescue specialty helps to avoid accidents, providing the right skills and knowledge to be able to intervene in potentially risky situations. Safety, prevention and knowledge are the basis of this specialty.

This specialty is not only of vital importance for recreational divers, but it is also a requirement to obtain the SSI Master Diver certification.
It is a challenging and tiring specialty but for many divers it is considered the most fun! 

During the confined water sessions and the three open water dives, the following scenarios will be covered, among others:

  • Self aid and buddy rescue
  • First aid and CPR
  • Problem recognition and solving underwater
  • Protocols for a missing diver
  • Emergency exits
  • Unconscious diver rescue
  • Management of emergency situations
  • Treatment for decompression sickness
  • Simulations of diving accidents
  • Response to panicked divers
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  • 2 days
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  • Open water training sessions
  • Confined water training sessions
  • Digital learning materials
  • Theory sessions
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Does Not Include

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  • Equipment rental
  • Diving insurance
  • SSI React Right certification (you can book it separately)
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  • SSI Open Water Diver certification or equivalent
  • SSI React Right certification or equivalent
  • Minimum 12 years old
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