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Official SSI Course


Duration: 2 days


Certified Instructors

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Level: Advanced

If you already have your Open Water Diver certification, then you can continue your training through specialty training. Specialty courses focus on a specific area of diving that you are interested in, for example Deep Diving but not all divers may know exactly what they enjoy doing most. Therefore, SSI designed the Advanced Adventurer course that will give you a taste of 5 different specialties. 

During this course, you will do 5 dives under the direct supervision of one of our instructors. Each of these dives will be from a different specialty program of your choosing. You will extend your experience as a diver and will be able to orient yourself in the face of what step to take next.

The Advanced Adventurer course is a great way to increase your experience underwater while also getting guidance on how to proceed with your training. All Adventure Dives completed can be used to later complete an entire Specialty.

That way, if you already did one deep dive in your Advanced Adventurer course, you only need to do two more dives to complete the Deep Diving specialty program and become a deep diver.

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2 days

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  • 5 dives

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Does Not Include

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  • Equipment rental
  • Diving insurance
  • Camera rental (if completing the Photo & Video dive)
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  • Open Water Diver
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