Become a diving professional, either as a guide or an instructor

For those aspiring to transition into the professional diving industry, whether as a guide, instructor, specialty instructor, or technical diver, we offer exceptional career opportunities. With a dreamlike environment, dynamic work, fun, and the possibility to travel and explore the world. If these conditions are attractive enough, at Rubicón Diving, we offer the opportunity to start your career as an SSI Instructor, both in recreational and Extended Range diving.

Professional diving courses with Rubicón

One of the most requested professional diving courses is the Dive Guide course. This is the first step to start your professional career in the diving world and become an instructor. With this course, you will be able to guide groups of certified divers. After obtaining your Dive Guide certification, completing the Dive Science specialty and making 60 dives, you will automatically receive the Divemaster certification, a great first step towards your professional future.

Professional diving courses: all you need

Depending on what you like and what you would like to do in the future, another of the first professional diving courses that you should take is the Assistant Instructor course, which will open many doors to other courses such as the Open Water Instructor. Once you get your Open Water Instructor certification and if you want to continue expanding your knowledge, training and increasing your job opportunities, the next step you could take would be the Specialty Instructor course. With this course, you will be able to perform as instructor for Deep Diving, Dry Suit Diving and Wreck Diving to Navigation, Scotter/DPV and Decompression Diving. Some of these require additional courses and training, which you can easily find on our website. 

Remember that all of our courses are official SSI courses (Scuba Schools International), making the qualifications you get with us, valid in almost anywhere in the world. Do not hesitate and start your adventure with our professional diving courses, ask us any questions you have about the requirements of the courses.

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