Dive site Punta Tiñosa

Punta Tiñosa is just 5 minutes by boat from the ports of Puerto Calero or Puerto del Carmen. The dive is divided into 3 levels, which extend to the south.

The first level, between 6 and 12 meters, is also known as the garden. Hundreds of the most interesting volcanic formations located along the cliff, make this first level of the dive seem from another world. Pinnacles, bubbles, walls... All the result of volcanic activity and solidified lava.

The second level, goes down to 18 meters, and is made up of sand terraces where it is not difficult to find different types of Rays and Angelsharks.

The next and last level descends to 35 meters. A long wall, full of color thanks to the anemones and sponges that cover it, is full of marine life that take shelter there. The cliff also hides small surprises such as caves and tunnels.


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Dive Type

Lava wall and Volcanic formations

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Maximum Depth

35 m



All levels

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What to See

Interesting rock formations, Rays, Angelsharks, Shrimps, Octopus, Cuttlefish