Dive site Punta Ginés

Just 5 minutes by boat from the diving center we find Punta Ginés, a volcanic cliff approximately 18 meters deep, where the lava has generated interesting compositions on the reef, with shapes similar to mushrooms, and where a large amount of life has found shelter.

The shallow depth of the area allows sunlight to illuminate the entire bottom, generating spectacular clarity and tonality in the color of the water and the bottom throughout the entire dive.

Large schools of fish such as Grunts, Sea Breams or Blacksmiths, and species such as Angelsharks, Rays, Moray Eels and Barracudas are frequently seen in the area, as well as others such as Anemones or Nudibranchs.


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Dive Type

Lava reef

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Maximum Depth

18 m



All divers

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What to See

Interesting shallow volcanic formations, lots of life, small caves