Dive site Pechiguera

Pechiguera is the name of the area that sits behind the lighthouse. This is a very special area, reserved for advanced and technical divers due to its depth. Few dive centers venture out here and it is a site that cannot be reached all year round due to the swell that comes in off the Atlantic Ocean. At a maximum depth of 80 meters, it's great for technical training and diving. For qualified technical divers we offer guided dives to the area around Pechiguera, for more information click here.

If you get the chance to dive this area you will certainly not be disappointed. In the Summer, Manta Rays can be seen along with much larger pelagic species like Tuna, Barracudas and Bream. It's a great place to see Orange Coral, which is well-known in the Canary Islands.


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Dive Type

Reef wall and Open Water

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Maximum Depth

30 m



Advanced and Technical Divers

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What to See

Lava arch, Corals, Barracudas and more