Dive site Flamingo Beach

Flamingo wall is Playa Blanca´s very own aquarium! The dive site is located just behind the breakwater at Flamingo Beach and is home to an amazing variety of fish. It is common to see many dense schools of fish here, forming layer upon layer of marine life. Large schools of Bream can always be seen here, along with Barracuda, either as schooling juveniles or as the lone adults that have broken away from the rest of the group. 

At the top of this food chain, you can often see Tuna or Jackfish coming in to hunt the smaller prey. Flamingo Wall is also a favorite place to spot Angel Sharks with Lanzarote being one of the few places in the world where this species can be widely found. 


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Dive Type


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Maximum Depth

18 m



All levels

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What to See

Angelsharks, Rays, Barracuda and many schools of small reef fish