Dive site Blue Hole

Lanzarote, like many other dive areas around the world, has its own Blue Hole. It is located to the west of the Cathedral dive site, just further along the reef wall. The Blue Hole is a natural funnel through the reef, starting at around 20 meters at the top, and finishing at just below 30 meters. It is a must see site here in Lanzarote.

When coming out of the Blue Hole, you will be surrounded by a school of Barracudas, filling the ocean in front of you. Just around the corner from the exit, is a small cave that is home to a mass of small shrimp. The wall that wraps around the reef has many small caverns, just waiting for you to explore them. 

On your return from the Blue Hole, you can dive alongside the harbour wall. This shallow area is ideal for extending your dive time and is a great place to see Cuttlefish, Rays and Angel Sharks. 


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Dive Type

Lava reef

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Maximum Depth

30 m.



Advanced and adventure divers

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What to see

Lava formations, Shrimps, Rays, Groupers and Seahorses