Diving Center in Marina Rubicon

Rubicón Diving's main dive center is located in the Marina Rubicón marina, in Playa Blanca. In our Playa Blanca diving center we have a physical store with a wide range of diving products and equipment. We offer equipment for both recreational and technical diving. We work closely with Mares, Aqualung and Apeks and all of our stock and equipment is in perfect condition, for all sizes.

At our diving center in Playa Blanca we have a modern tank filling room that has an electronic Bauer compressor, a Nitrox membrane and an air quality control monitor. This ensures that the air we supply is pure and of high quality and that allows us to meet rigorous air quality standards and as a gift, we offer free Nitrox for divers who have the corresponding certification. In addition, we can provide different mixes depending on the depths that are intended to be reached during the dive.

For technical divers, we have an extra gas mixing station. This provides any desired gas mix of oxygen, nitrox and trimix up to 300 bar. We only use top quality medical oxygen and helium for technical and rebreather diving. Likewise, we have rebreather equipment for rent, as well as cylinders, Sofnolime, stages and extra reserve equipment for various rebreather systems.


Our Playa Blanca diving center is located in Marina Rubicón in front of the port offices, on the far right of the Marina, next to the dry dock; west of the port (on the right, if you look towards the sea).


Puerto de Marina Rubicón

35580 Playa Blanca

Yaiza / Lanzarote

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