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Diving Lanzarote - Dive Center Playa Blanca - Rubicon Diving.
Dive Center Rubicon - Playa Blanca Lanzarote - Your modern and friendly Dive Center in Lanzarote, Canary Islands


Als enige op het eiland zijn we er trots op dat Marina Rubicon Diving Center elke dag duikexcursies maakt naar meerdere van onze meer dan 30 verschillende duikplaatsen, waarvan velen exclusief. Daarbovenop maken we trips naar Lobos en Fuerteventura, vlakbijgelegen eilanden die net zoals Lanzarote gekend staan voor zijn fascinerend onderwaterleven.

El Faro
Translated this means The Lighthouse as the site is situated next to the lighthouse at the southern tip of the island. Here there is reef 10m high so you can swim along the bottom of it looking up at the spectacular scenery and effects it creates. On this dive we can also venture deeper to 30m or more where we can find lobsters, rays, jacks and much more. Also, because we are on the edge of the open ocean we have big barracudas and rays spotted regularly here.
Blue Hole
This shore dive in Puerto Del Carmen has the outstanding feature of a 10m tunnel, otherwise known as The Blue Hole. The tunnel is bursting with life from the floor all the way to the ceiling with everything from rays to nudibranchs being spotted in there. As you leave the tunnel at 30m and round the corner you come to another cave, where large groupers are frequently seen. Then we make our way back up to the shallows where we have the chance of finding a sea horse or two!
Playa Dorada
A shore dive from a lovely sandy beach to a depth of 10m. The reef here is alive with fish of all varieties. This dive, in the crystal clear water, is a fantastic dive for people wanting to learn or people needing a refresher after many months spent behind a desk!
This shore dive from Puerto Del Carmen has an exceptionally large cave – The Cathedral. The dive is to 30m swimming along a reef wall with magnificent colour. It is here that Felix, the enormous grouper, is found. On this dive there is a fantastic mix life from nudibranchs to great groupers and much more inbetween.
This dive to 20m is a great one because in one dive it manages to highlight many of the different types of habitat the underwater world of Lanzarote provides it’s inhabitants. We follow two sewage pipes (this is a good time to add unused sewage pipes!) and then follow the reef right or left. Here angelsharks, rays, morays, barracuda and much, much more can be seen. If you dare you can also try to find the end of the pipes – to see if they actually are unused!
El Rabat
The Rabat is a freighter which struck the reef off Arrecife and sank on the spot about 20 years ago. The ship is 35m long and is largely intact. The bow and wheelhouse area are at about 20m and the propeller and seabed at 40m. The Rabat allows for some penetration and there can be currents. For this reason this is a dive for the advanced among you and unfortunately this cannot be done everyday due to the weather. There are many anemones, barracudas and the odd moray eel. 60 minutes by boat.
Punta Berrugo
This 22m dive has much to see, and not just in terms of life because there two small wrecks and a cave. Often circling above the cave is a large school of barracuda. Between the cave and the wrecks there is a reef constructed of enormous boulders that give plenty of places for the sneaky ray or moray to hide. 5 minutes by boat.
Rubicon Reef
Situated next to the coast this dive offers maximum life at minimum depth. The site is only at 12m but is home to a great variety of life. Angelsharks, rays, numerous species of small fish can all be found here. As the dive is only shallow it is a great one for beginners and also for those with cameras as there is a lot of light on the dive.
House Reef
This dive is a great place to start your diving adventure. At a maximum depth of 10m and bustling with life it would be an unforgettable experience to discover diving here. As it is protected, but open, the site serves as a nursery ground for several species, including barracuda. Also among the noteworthy residents here are octopuses and cuttlefish.
This site is located on the West side of the island next to the open ocean. This is our deepest dive and it starts at 22m and goes to depths of more than 60m. This particular dive is for the more adventurous divers as we drift with the current and can go as deep as 40m. You are guaranteed to see large schools of groupers, tuna and barracudas. If you are lucky you may even see a hammerhead shark! 15 minutes by boat.
Coloradas 2
This site is close to the beautiful beaches of Papagayo. It lies in 18m of crystal clear water and is an extremely relaxed and easy dive. There is a long straight reef running toward Papagayo beach we follow that has many ledges, nooks and crannies where you can find an array of anenomies, shrimps and even lobsters. 10 minutes by boat.
Punta Angelotes
The site known as Sharkpoint has an excellent reef just waiting to be explored by you. The reef, at just 16m, contains many fish, rays and even some yellow bodied fangtooth moray eels as well as the sites namesake! Thanks to our volcanic history we have been provided with some tremendous formations of lava giving us a cave and other passes throughout the dive. 5 minutes by boat.
Las Lenguas
When you dive this site it will be very obvious why it is called The Tongues. The volcanoes on Lanzarote have provided us with some natural beauty in their time but few as amazing as the lava formations at Las Lenguas. The lava has travelled into the sea and solidified in near perfect tongue shape formations, which it turns out, is a great place for underwater residents to live! When we swim along the reef at 22m we can find rays, morays groupers and more.
Just a few metres off the coast this dive site lies in clearest of waters. With depths ranging from 6m down to 18m it is a suitable site for all divers. Here those with keen eyes will see octopuses, baby angelsharks and many of the small wonders of Lanzarote. We can also drift from Timanfaya to Flamingo Wall during which we would see on one of the few pieces of coral on the island above 40m.
This is one of the most spectacular dives on the island. It takes you over a boulder field in 15m and to a awesome sight of a horizontal bright white sand plateau called the "ski slope". We descend down the ski slope to around 30m where on the left is a cul-de-sac. In it there are various caves and overhangs with one in particular that contains hundreds of shrimps that run away the instant you switch on your torch – it is like the walls are moving!

There is also a second dive at Mala in which you follow the coast southwards. The depth is a nice 18m maximum and there are plenty of swim throughs, the best of all is around 10 – 15m in length and exits into a cave. Here you can see plenty of rays, nudibranchs and also various species of fish.
Bajon del Rio
This site is spectacular in the formations that the rocks make. Each formation is like a giant mushroom and together they form a pinball machine type appearance. There is much life that takes shelter from the currents around the sides of the “mushrooms”. Although the depth is only 16m this is one dive that is only suited to those prepared for some current.
El Calamareo
This 22m dive along a reef is a very interesting dive as there is a lot of different types of life. There are many overhangs on one side and enormous boulders on the other making this dive feel like diving in a canyon! Here as well as rays, angelsharks and barracuda there have also been turtles sighted.
Punta Tiñosa Wreck
At a maximum depth of 24m there have been two fishing boats sunk for our pleasure. The boats are very close to each other and both a good size in length. At points along the wrecks they are well opened up so you can have a good look inside. As well as the wrecks there is also plenty of life swimming around. 30 minutes by boat.
This is a mile long reef that is raised out of the sand like a highway and is framed by garden eels poking their heads out of the sand to watch you swim by. At Coloradas there are two swim throughs, a cave and many ledges to peek under. We see everything from schools of barracuda to angelsharks to the tinniest nubibranch on Lanzarote, and probably the Canary Islands! 10 minutes by boat.
Flamingo Wall
What can we say about Flamingo Wall – except that it is a MUST for any diver who likes to see fish (that is probably you then!). Here in a depth of just 18m and just a hundred metres offshore the ocean is absolutely teeming with life. At this site you can see everything – however you will probably not see a flamingo! There are angelsharks, rays, octopus, nudibranchs and banks of fish up to 6m in height. This dive is easy and relaxed and easily one of the best the Canaries has to offer. 10 minutes by boat.

Onze hoog opgeleid duikteam met ervaren Instructors en Divemasters gidsen u doorheen al onze duiksites. Veilig en op een ontspannen manier geniet u van de mooiste duikplaatsen en wordt ervoor gezorgd dat u niets hoeft te missen van het spectaculair onderwaterleven.

Van aan onze privé-aanlegsteiger vertrekken onze boten dagelijks om 9u30 voor 2 duiken, een halve dag dus, waarna u terug in het duikcentrum arriveert rond 13u.
In de namiddag bieden wij nog een duik aan waarbij we om 16u30 vertrekken.

Eén keer in de week trekken we er voor een ganse dag op uit en varen we naar Lobos, een natuurreservaat waar u ongetwijfeld haaien, roggen en andere grote vissoorten tegenkomt.

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