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We have just come back from Croatia where we did some diving. You must have spoiled us for we kept comparing the standards we met there with your well equipped centre and your always friendly, helpful and highly professional crew!
Jenny and Thomas

Technical Dive Photography

The Technical Dive Photography course is designed as a specialist course for those divers who are already experienced underwater photographers and divers and wish to integrate their technical or rebreather diving skills with their photographic skills.

As this course is a specialist photography course it assumes that the student is already either a qualified technical diver or rebreather diver. The course will typically operate to a maximum depth of 50 metres using stage tanks, normoxic or tri-mix gases and staged decompression.

In all cases the course will not exceed the depth and decompression limits appropriate to the students experience and qualification. As an ANDI approved course ANDI’s definition of experience levels (Levels 1 to 5) will be used to identify appropriate depth and decompression limits and the gas mixes that may be used. For more information on this click here 

The Technical Dive Photography course is a 4 day course consisting of four afternoons of theory, post dive photographic analysis and post production and four mornings of open water diving with two dives per morning (this may be reduced to one dive if dives are particularly long or deep with extended decompression). The course will also examine the particular problems and techniques of buoyancy control encountered by technical and rebreather photographers.

The course begins with an overview of underwater photographic techniques and then goes deeper into other objectives. The course examines different techniques for lighting your photographs and picture composition. The course also examines post-editing of your photographs using Photo Shop CS5. 

The Technical Dive Photography course can be completed with either a compact camera with manual option and external flash or torch or with a DSLR camera with external flash or torch.

Typical Structure of the course:

Day one: Review quiz of basic underwater photographic techniques and an introduction to advanced theory (1). Prepare camera for diving.
Day two: 2 dives in the morning with specific tasks related to underwater photography. Theory and review of your photographs in the afternoon. advanced theory (2) and introduction to post-editing. Prepare camera for next day’s dive.
Day three: 2 dives in the morning, review of pictures, advanced theory (3) and post-editing. Prepare camera for next day’s dive.
Day four: 2 dives in the morning Dive, review of pictures; review of theory and further post editing.

Day five: Optional additional dives.

The Technical Dive Photography course costs €800 inclusive of all costs and dives (except camera rental) and will typically take four days to complete. (This may be varied if required).

Cost of Camera Rental:
Sea and Sea DXG1 Compact Camera:  €10 per dive
Canon 40D Digital SLR: €50 per dive