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great diving once again for both of us. great dive sites, great service and of course great staff.
Ray and Chris Lynham

Recreational Underwater Dive Photography

The Recreational Dive Photography course is designed for those divers who have already completed the Introductory Underwater Photography course and wish to improve their technique and the quality of their photographs including the use of post production software . This new ANDI approved course is designed for those divers who wish to take photographs down to the recreational dive limit of 30 metres (dependent upon your level of recreational diving certification).

The aim of the course is to develop your skills beyond those covered in the Introductory Underwater Photography Course. In particular, this Intermediate level course focuses upon manual (rather than automatic) control of your camera. (If you plan to use your own camera on this course it must have a manual override option) as well as introducing more advanced underwater photographic techniques and post production of your photographs. 

The Recreational Dive Photography course can be completed using either a Compact hybrid camera with external flash or light from a torch or DSLR camera with external flash or torch.

Structure of the course:

This course is designed to last for four days and consists of both theory and practical open water sessions typically including 2 dives per day (up to a total of 8 dives).

On the first and following afternoons of the course the aims and objectives of the course will be discussed and examples of previous photographs analysed. Camera equipment will be set up ready for the next morning’s two open water dive sessions.

Each afternoon the morning’s photographs will be reviewed and the use of post production software introduced in order to enhance picture quality.  

The Recreational Dive Photography course costs €600 inclusive of all costs and dives (except camera rental) and will typically take four days to complete*. The cost of the course includes a CD of all your pictures and Rubicon Diving Study Materials.

*The cost and duration of the course assumes that the student has experience, knowledge and skills equivalent to those covered on the Introductory Underwater Photography course. If this is not the case the course may take longer and incur some additional cost

Cost of Camera Rental:
Sea and Sea DXG1 Compact Camera: €10 per dive
Canon 40D Digital SLR: €50 per dive