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great diving once again for both of us. great dive sites, great service and of course great staff.
Ray and Chris Lynham

Our facilities

Rubicon Diving is a purpose built dive centre in the heart of the Marina Rubicon. Built in 2003 when the new Marina was constructed, the dive centre provides a perfect location for diving, right next to the main Marina Harbour. Most of our dives are from our rib boats which means no long walks at dive locations and no difficult, tiring shore entries. Simply put your gear on and roll back into the water. What could be easier?

Dive Centre Shop

The Dive Centre itself has a large shop selling a wide range of quality dive gear, in addition we also have a well stocked equipment room that can provide dive gear for all divers from the smallest child to the largest adult.


As an Aqualung Partner Centre we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our equipment is regularly updated, cleaned, checked and serviced by our own in-house service technicians.

Our modern compressor room features an electronically controlled Bauer compressor, coupled to a Nitrox Membrane and an air quality monitoring system ensuring you are breathing only the purest compressed air and Nitrox.


Unlike most other dive centres, we offer Nitrox for free and can provide EAN mixes suited to all depths of nitrox diving. For technical divers our separate blending station with two booster pumps provides any desired mix of Oxygen, Nitrox and Tri-mix up to 300 bar. We use only medical grade oxygen and premier Helium for technical and rebreather diving. As a rebreather friendly Dive Centre we have a wide range of units for hire as well rebreather tanks, sofnalime, stage tanks and an ample stock of spare parts for many different rebreather systems.

rubicon diving centerModern and well equipped training facilities

For diver training Rubicon Diving has well equipped and modern training facilities and multimedia teaching rooms. We have separate training facilities and areas for both recreational and technical dive training within the centre.

All our training rooms provide full audio visual facilities to improve the quality of course provision. Modern, high quality scuba equipment is provided for all students on training courses as part of our all inclusive pricing policy. Ample storage space is also available for those divers who wish to bring their own equipment.