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SUMMER 09 – All the news!

What we’ve been up to….Summer 09

The time has arrived once again for us to update you all on our recent activities at Dive Centre Marina Rubicon.  Summer, as always was a busy time for us with lots of divers coming to play, get certified and continue their dive education in many different directions.  Here is the news so far…..

We  enjoyed running many courses through the summer months from complete beginners, through Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Dive Master and currently have an IDC (Instructor Development Course) in progress.  The calibre of our students continues to be excellent and their hard work has been an inspiration to us all! Talking of Inspiration – we had lots of new rebreather divers with Inspiration, Evolution and Megaladon  units both diving and training all summer long.

Particularly noteworthy was our youngest ever  Junior Master Scuba Diver certification at only 12 years of age! Congratulation To Ashley  who worked hard to achieve his goal!

WEll Done Ashley!

Well Done Ashley!

Our most popular continuing education course this summer was Enriched Air Nitrox Diver Specialty, closely followed by the Deep Diver Specialty.

We have also seen an unprecedented number of divers moving into the fields of technical diving by completing courses such as the PADI DSAT Tec Deep and Tec Trimix.

Phil Tech Diving

The ‘Techies’ develop their skills on various courses while using various gas mixes, completing decompression stops and eventually heading to 50 metres and beyond…..

Many PADI Instructors joined us to branch out into instructing in new fields such as Tec Trimix and Tec Deep and also becoming a Gas Blender.

Put your mask back on!

Put your mask back on!

This summer also saw the arrival of … ‘Awesome Fun!’ (to quote Marina Rubicon MSDT Rich) at the dive centre in the shape of  ‘Submerge’ DPV’s also known as Underwater Scooters These quiet yet beefy monsters can carry a diver along at 3.5k’s per hour. In addition to being exceptional tools used to aid cave and wreck divers we have discovered they are also a whole underwater world of fun!

An angel ascends....

An angel ascends....

We have of course had many divers joining us with the simple purpose of getting wet and seeing ‘good stuff’.   We have enjoyed logging the company of many angel sharks, stargazers, octopus, tuna, nudibranches a multitude of  morays, battalions of barracuda, ……..and the list goes on. ….


Congratulations to everyone who recently gained new certifications with us….and to pick out a few memorable characters, special thanks to…

1) Ashley – Our star pupil and completing his Emergency First Response course, Junior Rescue Diver Course  and 5 Speciality Courses to become our youngest ever Junior Master Scuba Diver at 12 years of age. Go Ashley!

Phil  – One of our Master Scuba Diver Trainers who branched into Deep and Trimix and is shown falling for his new love…… a VR3 Dive Computer!

Jorge –  (Already a PADI Instructor) spent 8 weeks in house to become a Tec Trimix Instructor, a Tec Deep Instructor and  AP Valves Evolution Mod 1. (Which to us common people means he uses kit that doesn’t blow bubbles any more!)

Cookie, Jorge and Phil, Some of our Techie boys, celebrating a dive to Infinity and beyond……

Vikki – Stayed with us over the summer, completing her Advanced Open Water Course, Rescue Diver and finally a Dive Master Internship

She is pictured celebrating becoming a PADI Professional with Marina Rubicon MSDTs Phil and Lizzie.  We just know she’ll be back for more!

Matty –   Who waited patiently for his 10th birthday to be able to equal his older sister’s  Junior Open Water certification.

Matty Thomas, New Diver :)

Matty Thomas, New Diver :)

Roxanne – Dive Dog extraordinaire, who remained very chilled and slightly alert as usual!

You just relax there Roxy!

You just relax there Roxy!