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Archive for April, 2010

Rescue Training for Dries

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

From espresso to coffee…

During my daily snoozing session I suddenly cense the smell of bacon and I hear some eggs being cracked…. James must be making breakfast! Good boy! James´coffee gives me the rush I need to start the day and we’re off!

After preparing the boat and equipment I can take my second coffee of the day made by our own part-time professional coffee-lady ´Kelly´ not too bad either ;-).

Before crawling in to my suite I mustn’t forget to pass by the loo otherwise I’ll have a dilemma under water…

Like you see, I like my coffee but I like even more my diving. I dive a lot, my skills are improving and I’m trying to focus on my air consumption because apparently “I like to breathe a bit” like Rich says!

The highlight for me in this period were the two dives in Puerto Del Carmen in a rough see with our cool Italian guide ´Gianni` and a nice Belgian biologist ´Eddy`, nice experience and we want more.

Kelly Again!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

After tempest, raging skies, violet clouds, flashes of light… (Ok I lie …so it was just a mini storm) 🙂 but diving conditions were not looking great… though as a great center that will always make sure the client has a dive, is well-equipped and happy… we decided to head for Puerto del Carmen…

Oh dear… (I think) looking at the gigantic waves coming for me. However, happy to be getting a dive in… we carried on heading out with the little group and great guide Gianni. It was all going quite so well… until BOOM-SPLASH!…yes… I actually floored it (or sanded it?!)… after thinking I was going so well… taking in stride my little waddles as I went … with my fins on backwards (well walking backwards…not actually my fins on backwards…that might have looked a bit silly) into the waves (big…big waves!) someone decides to ruin it all by standing on my fin…(yes Vero, we won’t mention any names! 😉 … I thought we were meant to be ´buddies´! 🙁 )

However, after two really great dives…and happy clients… (Well we hope!) 🙂 I was happy to come back and start my afternoon duties of helping around the centre.

For the 6 weeks I’ve been here so far, I have loved learning everything from trying to improve my skills, diving and my work in the centre, by what I have learned from the people who really know it best. I think I have achieved a lot so far, and hope to expand my knowledge and learning to improve myself and my work everyday. 🙂

Until next time…

Dive. Dive. Dive…

Boy 13 years old loves Rubicon Diving Center…see why!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Right from the start diving at The Rubicon Dive Centre was brilliant, I had so much fun doing my first course of open water, if I am not sure of something I could just ask them and they explain it fully to me. After that course I kept coming back to do more courses until I got to the level I am now, I cannot do any more PADI courses until I am 15, but I am doing photography courses of which are really good because I did the initial PADI course, but they are now building my skill level so I can do great pictures and I am going to make a web site of all my pictures next. Going through the course I have made great friends at the centre and I fell part of the Rubicon family. I have achieved something that I am so proud of and so good that allows me to see the lovely world of the ocean that so few can experience.

Some  of Ashley´s  pictures

Good Done!


Friday, April 16th, 2010

The Plane touches down on the tarmac… aaah a relief…SUN! After realising the dream of wanting to work in the fish (sorry…scuba) industry … I made a quick decision to relocate to somewhere perfect enough to get the experience I need with great weather and a stunning dive centre along in company.

After meeting the great team and new mentor Rich, I began my underwater adventure by becoming certified in advanced and nitrox diver. I achieved these in between theory, working and helping out in the centre, including the urgent missions to go buy milk, coffee and magdalenas, magdalenas, magdalenas..and yes… you guessed! More magdalenas!! (or in fact to put what those are quite simply.. light, fluffy, yummy, Spanish flat cup cakes) mmm..  all in aid for happy hour, in between the 2 morning dives!

For the next couple of weeks, I found my self joined by 3 new, friendly, happy DM-to be´s! 

I am loving all tasks including.. my new ability to function the coffee making machine (yes.. it took a few go´s of over flooding coffee).. assisting with different clients, working in the shop, as well as cleaning equipment and the centre.

Vero: Hasta el Dive Master no paro!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Ésta es mi tercera semana en el centro de buceo Marina Rubicón. He venido para hacer mi Dive Master Training y espero poder pasar aquí mis próximos meses de verano.

El ambiente en el centro es súper bueno, me río mucho con mis otros tres compañeros de trainig pero también con los jefes y con los instructores. Ellos me están enseñando muchísimas cosas y yo tengo tantas ganas de aprender!!

Además el buceo aquí es súper bueno, la temperatura, visibilidad y la vida ahí abajo…mucho mejor que en la península. Así es que aunque se me resistan tanto el izado del ancla (porque casi pierdo un brazo) como los nudos marineros (a punto estuve de ahorcarme a mí misma con un “as de guía”) me siento muy feliz aquí y sólo espero que me aguanten hasta el mes de Agosto…;)




From Open Water Diver to DM with Marina Rubicon

Friday, April 9th, 2010

With no previous diving experience I knew I was jumping in at the deep end (quite literally) by taking up a Divemaster internship, but now i’m pretty glad I did. Chris (the big boss) was very keen on getting me my certification as quickly as possible and day 1 was spent doing my theory after a thorough tour of the centre and learning basic diving related phrases and words in Spanish.

By day 2 I was in the water and by day 5 I had my open water certificate, not bad considering I had to work as well! Day to day duties include the obvious cleaning and tidying of the centre, maintaining (cleaning!) equipment, and assigning equipment to clients, as well as attending to their needs. I was slightly apprehensive that as an intern I would be the quiet one who gets told to clean and stay away from customers, but was chuffed to realise that the centre actively supports our interaction with clients because essentially this is very important for divemasters to be able to do well. Plus the centre has a reputation for excellent customer service and as staff members wearing the uniform it is important for this image to come across from ourselves also.

The centre also supports our own development as interns and will never hesitate to squeeze us on the boat for a dive if there is space, and a large proportion of our time is spent developing our own skills, whether equipment maintenance (I knew how to strip down a regulator before I had even used one in open water) or the ability to demonstrate skills underwater such as mask flooding and neutral buoyancy.


Skills Practice!

Skills Practice!

Ray and divers

Ray and divers

More pictures of DM internship and James:

Dive Master Trainee Dries “Part one”

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Now I know why I love espresso…

I was almost saying goodbye to Lanzarote and my newly made friends when my espresso girl told me about the existence of the Rubicon Marine dive centre. Fingers crossed I walked in to the shop to ask if they might where looking for an other DM-trainee. In contrast to all the other centres on the island I spoke to, this was a direct hit! Just one week later I made myself and Chris happy by getting my first own diving equipment… oh yeah J! Minutes later I was diving…

Now after three weeks I must say that I´m really glad that life made me change direction because I´ve got the feeling that this is the right place to acheive my goal, to become a good diver!

The time flies by and I feel more confident day by day, I hope this keeps on going!


Campaña Control Erizo Diadema

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Las fotos de la Campaña las pueden encontrar en

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