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Archive for January, 2010

Rubicon Diving – New Photos from Natasha Maksymenko

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Gorgeous new photos from Tashi –

Beautiful Detail!

Great macro shots-

Can you tell what it is?

Can you tell what it is?

Beautiful visibility in January 2010 –

Fantastic colours!

Fantastic colours!


Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

 Pero lo más gracioso es el mero al final del video…

But the most funny thing is the grouper at the end of the video!  😉


Gianni Altobello

Gracias Gianni Altobello por tu video!!!

Fourth Element Thermal Protection – Tested!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Contact for more information

The introduction of the Fourth Element range of thermal undergarments has caused quite a stir in the Dive Centre Marina Rubicon shop. Stock is flying off the shelves faster and faster as the word spreads around the local and expat dive community that Fourth Element has finally reached Lanzarote. Visiting divers have been picking the lightweight gear up to use in resort and carry home and orders have also been coming in from the other Canary Islands too! What is all the fuss about? Read on….

What Fourth Element says:

With the development of decompression techniques and mixed gas technology, the limiting factor in divers’ bottom time is becoming less about nitrogen loading and more about the limitations of the human body’s endurance to extremes of temperature. Fourth Element’s range of thermal undersuits have been tested in the World’s most extreme diving locations from the sub-zero waters of the Antarctic to the tropical temperatures of the Maldives

Xerotherm Base Layer – Dry Range

The Xerotherm is the ultimate base layer for use under a drysuit. Made using Polartec® Powerstretch® which was originally developed for NASA, the Xerotherm traps a layer of air – a much better insulator than water – next to the skin, keeping the wearer drier and more comfortable.

The unisex range is designed to be worn under another undersuit or on its own under a neoprene drysuit, it provides astonishing warmth without contributing to bulk or buoyancy.

Arctic Extreme Performance Undersuit – Dry Range

The Arctic’s two layers of high insulation, low bulk fabric, ensure exceptional levels of thermal protection. Constructed with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design provides outstanding performance under closer fitting neoprene drysuits.

In a layering system the Arctic is also suited for use underneath membrane and trilaminate suits.

Thermocline – Advanced Thermal Protection – Wet Range

The Thermocline neutrally buoyant system represents an evolution in thermal protection, using state of the art materials to maximise performance without compromising on comfort. The Thermocline neutrally buoyant wetsuit system comprises the long sleeved top and the “explorer” giving the equivalent protection to a 3mm wetsuit but weighing less than 1kg (2.2 lbs). The Thermocline vest and shorts can be worn underneath a wetsuit to augment the protection of the wetsuit without affecting buoyancy. Thermocline also provides a real solution for people who suffer from neoprene allergies by eliminating contact between the skin and the wetsuit.

TESTED! at Dive Center Marina Rubicon, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Both Technical and Recreational Instructors at Dive Center Marina Rubicon have been trying out the Fourth Element undersuit range in their day to day diving to enable us to give a fair review of the items currently in stock at the dive centre.

What our staff say:

Tashi: (Arctic Ladies 2 piece set) Water temp 19C. 70 minutes.

I do a lot of underwater photography which means I stay still in the water for long periods. I am a very small person and in winter I easily get very cold in and above the water. I was impressed when I saw the Arctic range and wanted to try it straight away. I found that it is very comfortable and flexible, allowing a full range of movement and allowing me great comfort under my trilaminate drysuit. I didn’t feel the cold at all, my buoyancy altered slightly from my previous undersuit but not significantly. I did not try the socks but maybe this may have altered my position in the water requiring ankle weights(no big deal) Either way you will NOT be cold. I was snug and happy and able to concentrate throughout my 70 minute dives with my camera and got many great shots! Women everywhere will love this range, I even stayed warm during the rib journey back to the dive centre too…. Excellent!

Chris: (Arctic Mens 2 piece set) Rebreather Dive. Water temp 19C surface, 14C bottom. 102 minutes

As a Tec Instructor trainer I often do dives that can last up to several hours where insulation is of vital importance. During dives I can spend very long periods of time fairly motionless while observing students and it is a real challenge to stay warm on very long dives. The Arctic range is very well constructed with a great fit throughout and warm secure neck and cuffs that don’t interfere with my drysuit seals. The flexibility of the undergarment is superior to any that I have worn before which means that it fits perfectly under my made to measure dry suit without the bulky quilted feeling of many undergarments. The fabric wicks sweat away from the body and leaves you dry and comfortable. The two piece design also makes toilet breaks a little easier 🙂

Rich: (Xerotherm 3 piece set) Recreational Dive. Water temp 19C,
65 minutes.
The Xerotherm is the perfect undergarment for recreational drysuit diving, being lightweight, flexible and comfortable. It is thinner than the Arctic range (which is more suited to longer colder dives) I don’t get overly cold during my dives so find this the perfect thermal protection to pull on and go. The socks are really comfortable and made a big difference. The range also comes with a vest which will be ideal as the water temperature rises but before I switch back to a summer wetsuit. I like the fact that this range has a variety of pieces that could be layered giving you pretty much every combination you could wish for and the option to remove pieces as the water temperature changes.

Phil: (Thermocline Mens short sleve top/shorts) Water Temperature 20C, 65 mins

I wore the Thermocline top underneath my 5.5mm wetsuit and couldn’t believe the extra core warmth that it generated. It felt as though I was wearing a 7mm semi dry but with much more joint flexibility. Water movement was massively reduced because of the fantastic neck and cuff seals and it was like wearing a couple of extra millimetres of neoprene but with no additional buoyancy. This would be ideal under any thickness of wetsuit where additional warmth is required. I also tested the top and shorts while swimming – If I was travelling to an area where 3mm suits are normally worn I would take the Thermocline short sleeve top and shorts instead of packing my wetsuit. It would be just as warm, I could wear much less weight and they would take up a fraction of the suitcase space. It dries in no time too, the short sleeve top was dry by the time we arrived back to the dive centre after a 5 minute boat drive with my wetsuit rolled down– magic!

Check out another video featuring Dive Center Marina Rubicon and Lanzarote!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Video made in Marina Rubicon!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

This is a video that  was given as a present to Diving Center Marina Rubicón.  Hope you like it!


Este video fue realizado en nuestro centro por profesionales. Esperamos les guste!!


Diving on a Rebreather – Takes your breath away!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

I have recently returned to the UK after another great visit to Lanzarote and the Rubicon Dive Centre. As part of my trip I completed stage two of my Megaladon rebreather course. For someone approaching their 54th birthday (February 4th if you want to send presents!) and with just over three years dive experience this was quite a step forward.

Right from my first try dive on a rebreather I was hooked and I could see why people say they are the way forward for diving. I did my course with Chris, the Dive Centre owner . Chris’s belief is that you should learn to do it right, be safe and have fun, which is something I also believe as well, and this was emphasised throughout the course. Diving on a rebreather IS different and the buoyancy control takes a little getting used to, but boy is it worth it.

Chris on a Meg Dive!

Chris on a Meg Dive!

They say ‘converts’ are always the worst but there is no doubt I have been totally converted to closed circuit diving. Everything you have heard about ‘silent diving’ is true. The reason I love diving is the peace and tranquillity that it offers, but you can multiply this tenfold on a rebreather. To this you can add no more dry mouth, no bubbles (so no scared fish), the ability to dive for longer and dive deeper – what more can you ask for!

Some seriously fun gear!

Some seriously fun gear!

If you have been thinking about trying out a rebreather, my advice is ‘go for it’ and make your diving even more enjoyable. If you haven’t been thinking about it, then start, you might be pleasantly surprised. If an old bugger like me can do it so can anyone and if you are going to try it then I can 100 per cent recommend the Rubicon Dive Centre.

A (very) satisfied customer

Invierno en el Sol ;)

Saturday, January 9th, 2010
20º a la sombra

20º a la sombra

Gracias a todos los amigos que nos han mandado sus fotos de invierno en

Península. Nosotros también queremos reconfortarles con unas fotos del invierno en Lanzarote.

Para todos aquellos con dedos frios y las orejas  rojas…

Vaya Stress

Vaya Stress

Winter in the sun!

Saturday, January 9th, 2010
Roxy just chill-axing in the sun

Roxy just chill-axing in the sun

Thank you to our many friends who have sent us beautiful photos of your homes and lives in the winter snow.  Just to warm you up we would like to show you some photos of winter in Lanzarote….enjoy the sunshine 🙂

Tashi taking a look at the temperature

Tashi taking a look at the temperature 20c in the shade!

In honour of all of you with cold toes and noses we sat and enjoyed some sunshine on the dock

Winter in Playa Blanca

Winter in Playa Blanca

Strange sightings of unusual creatures at DCMR!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

At first the reports were unreliable, a glimpse here, an alleged sighting there…

This Bozo seemed fascinated by his own relection in the camera lens

This Bozo seemed fascinated by his own reflection in the camera lens

Then finally in late December one of the DCMR team manged to capture on film, not once, but twice, the creatures who has become collectively known as ‘BOZOs’  in and around the Marina Rubicon dive centre.

Our first attempt at capturing the Bozo on film

Our first attempt at capturing the Bozo on film

After weeks of bating these usually shy creatures with a combination of coffee and cakes the magic moment finally arrived when 2 of these fascinating animals, thought to be amphibious,  broke cover to gorge on the tempting treats.

Of course Lizzie was there with camera at the ready, these images have not been edited  in any way.

Captain Lizzie – Ahoy!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Hooray for Lizzie who managed to escape from the dive shop and office  to get out onto the water again for the first time since discovering she was pregnant!!

Unfortunately instructor Lizzie will not be getting wet again until after her little one comes along but she was all smiles at being out on the water again.

Ahoy skipper!

Ahoy skipper!

Don’t worry she has plenty of experience behind the wheel…the only problem is who is going to answer all of your emails?? 🙂

Lizzie keeping the boys in line!

Lizzie keeping the boys in line!