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Ophelia & Anthony

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015



Passion for diving, love of travelling and desire to improve our skills… This is what led us here, in Rubicon Diving.
Our first diving experience occurred for both of us when we were 12 years old. Anthony went then diving mostly in France while Ophelia went in foreign countries. (Egypt, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand…) Last year, both of us travelled around the Pacific Islands and Central America and discovered the wonderful lagoon of New Caledonia, the fascinating cenotes of Yucatan, a surprising volcanic lake in Guatemala and the wonderful waters of the Galapagos Islands…
Then, the challenge of becoming dive masters appealed us and brought us here, at Rubicon Diving. We have been staying here for only 3 weeks but it is as if we were part of a family. The team is nice and friendly, the center busy and dynamic and everything meets our expectations. We also have discovered that being dive masters is not an end but only a beginning because there are new worlds to discover : underwater photography, diving with a rebreather, technical diving, becoming an instructor… Opportunities appear to be endless here !
We are happy to have the chance to improve our diving skills and to help divers to improve theirs. Every day is rich in new experiences. We dive daily in Playa Blanca, attend theory courses, do lots of exercices… We are part of the daily routine of the dive center.
We feel lucky to be here, to learn and practice in such a nice environnement.
Life in the Canary Island is peaceful and friendly and so is daily life in the dive center.

Jasper, our DM Trainee

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Jasper Willems from Rotterdam who is only 20 years old is currently  studying  International business and management  but also likes to use his spare time to  play hockey and coaches  a team of youngster from 15-16 years old. One of the things he enjoys the most is scuba diving. This summer, he chose  his diving hobby and decided to take it to the next level , the proffesonal Divemaster programme M, to gain more experience  as part of his  future work….

JASPER  —- ” My uncle (Fernando) took me a while ago when I was around 10 into the swimming pool and introduced me to swimming. Around 8 years ago he also took me on a Discover Scuba Dive and I discovered a new hobby. After not being able to continue with it for  a few years I decided to do an open water course at Rubicon Diving. The reason for doing the course at Rubicon Diving was because my uncle was already diving with them and told me that they were really friendly and  professional.  After  doing the course, I was totally into diving again and decided to do my advanced course the year after (of course at the same diving center).

This year, for my studies,  I needed to do an internship for a foreign company so I decided to go to Valencia , Spain where I got to learn spanish. When I finished it  I received a proposal to do the DM at  Rubicon  Diving (7 weeks training  and  helping at the Dive center). Now I am doing my dive master and I think I made the right choice.

I’m enjoying the programme very much, learning lots and having some good experiences that are also helping to open my mind for  my  studies of International business and management because  there are  always many different people from all over the world coming here.  You can learn about the different needs and behaviours  of people, and how to deal with everydays problems and turn them into good management for the business.



Saturday, June 28th, 2014


I have been diving with Rubicon Diving for 9 years, starting with my open water and now am in the midst of studying to become a Divemaster.  Three weeks into my training and I am already part of the Rubicon Diving Family.

During week one, I completed my Nitrox Speciality, Rescue Diver course as well as Emergency First Response (EFR) training.  Now the hard work both practical and theory has begun for the Divemaster course.

A typical day at Rubicon Diving starts bright and early.  Preparation of the boat and equipment precedes two morning dives, either in Playa Blanca or Puerto Del Carmen.  A coffee and cake break in between dives comes complete with Roxanne (the dog) trying to convince everyone to feed her.     Most afternoons consist of theory and Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) courses.

Every day brings both new challenges and lots of fun.  No two days are the same and with a multitude of dive sites and new divers joining us every day, coming to work here isn’t a chore.

Happy divers at Rubicon Diving!

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Even in low season in Rubicon Diving  is Fun!

Open Water Diver courses, Dive Master Trainee and daily divers… all happy as you can see!

Tour through our Diving Centre

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Link for the video

New Divemaster in town!

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Carlos (Charly) Amezstoy and his proud Instructor Christopher (Cookie). He worked hard and was rewarded with his PADI Divemaster rating at the end. Well done Charly!!!!

New Staff!

Friday, October 5th, 2012



Vero: Hasta el Dive Master no paro!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Ésta es mi tercera semana en el centro de buceo Marina Rubicón. He venido para hacer mi Dive Master Training y espero poder pasar aquí mis próximos meses de verano.

El ambiente en el centro es súper bueno, me río mucho con mis otros tres compañeros de trainig pero también con los jefes y con los instructores. Ellos me están enseñando muchísimas cosas y yo tengo tantas ganas de aprender!!

Además el buceo aquí es súper bueno, la temperatura, visibilidad y la vida ahí abajo…mucho mejor que en la península. Así es que aunque se me resistan tanto el izado del ancla (porque casi pierdo un brazo) como los nudos marineros (a punto estuve de ahorcarme a mí misma con un “as de guía”) me siento muy feliz aquí y sólo espero que me aguanten hasta el mes de Agosto…;)




From Open Water Diver to DM with Marina Rubicon

Friday, April 9th, 2010

With no previous diving experience I knew I was jumping in at the deep end (quite literally) by taking up a Divemaster internship, but now i’m pretty glad I did. Chris (the big boss) was very keen on getting me my certification as quickly as possible and day 1 was spent doing my theory after a thorough tour of the centre and learning basic diving related phrases and words in Spanish.

By day 2 I was in the water and by day 5 I had my open water certificate, not bad considering I had to work as well! Day to day duties include the obvious cleaning and tidying of the centre, maintaining (cleaning!) equipment, and assigning equipment to clients, as well as attending to their needs. I was slightly apprehensive that as an intern I would be the quiet one who gets told to clean and stay away from customers, but was chuffed to realise that the centre actively supports our interaction with clients because essentially this is very important for divemasters to be able to do well. Plus the centre has a reputation for excellent customer service and as staff members wearing the uniform it is important for this image to come across from ourselves also.

The centre also supports our own development as interns and will never hesitate to squeeze us on the boat for a dive if there is space, and a large proportion of our time is spent developing our own skills, whether equipment maintenance (I knew how to strip down a regulator before I had even used one in open water) or the ability to demonstrate skills underwater such as mask flooding and neutral buoyancy.


Skills Practice!

Skills Practice!

Ray and divers

Ray and divers

More pictures of DM internship and James:

Dive Master Trainee Dries “Part one”

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Now I know why I love espresso…

I was almost saying goodbye to Lanzarote and my newly made friends when my espresso girl told me about the existence of the Rubicon Marine dive centre. Fingers crossed I walked in to the shop to ask if they might where looking for an other DM-trainee. In contrast to all the other centres on the island I spoke to, this was a direct hit! Just one week later I made myself and Chris happy by getting my first own diving equipment… oh yeah J! Minutes later I was diving…

Now after three weeks I must say that I´m really glad that life made me change direction because I´ve got the feeling that this is the right place to acheive my goal, to become a good diver!

The time flies by and I feel more confident day by day, I hope this keeps on going!